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World Care Foundation is a grassroots, volunteer-led humanitarian UK registered charity (SC046662).

In simple words; World Care Foundation was founded to encourage humanitarian efforts in order to help those in need anywhere in the world, regardless of their faith, colour, gender and ethnicity. It specifically promotes volunteering work and thus it’s organisational structure has been arranged to support volunteers to participate in anyway they can. We establish community level Management and volunteer groups so that they get involved in actual decision making processes, manage projects, go abroad on charity trips and encourage others to join.

Our main projects include Orphanages, Orphan sponsorship, Medical centres, Refugee Crisis work and Education Projects.

We have delivered aid to Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Macedonia, Greece, Syria, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Bangladesh and African countries

We aim to provide urgent help wherever it is needed most.

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Syrian Women Syrian women in specific widows have suffered the most in the Syrian war and the suffering goes on. Thousands of women took the treacherous journey of fleeing to neighbouring countries with their children. They are the most vulnerable group of people in foreign countries. You can make a ...

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African Women Alone, shunned, poor, ostracised from communities. African women infected with HIV are one of the most deprived humans, shunned and excluded from families. They are ordained to be doomed. In a country where many people struggle to provide one meal a day for their families these lonely women ...

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Rohingya Crisis The horrifying violence in Myanmar has caused an uncontrollable number of citizens to flee from their homes to neighbouring Bangladesh. Living in an isolated area with homes made of random sheets and clothes many lack safe drinking water, proper sanitation, malnutrition and overcrowding. In their extreme state of ...

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